Dr.-Ing. Steffi Beckhaus
works as a coach, consultant and researcher.

Her work is based on extensive experience as innovator, coach, professor for human-computer-interaction and virtual reality (HCI and VR), user experience and multisensory interaction designer (UxD, ID), scientist, engineer, author, programmer, artist, trainer, moderator, career coach, advisor, systemic consultant, ideator, explorer, systemic thinker, meditator, energetic coach, and virtual+reality explorer.

Currently, she is working on various aspects of smart change as an:
– systemic and generative coach for academics, entrepreneurs, and individuals,
– out-of-the-box innovation trainer and coach, design thinker, ideator,
– career development consultant, career coach, and trainer,
– organizational developer,
– EU expert for new ideas and research projects in the interplay of people and technology.

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Steffi is also conducting her own research projects. For example, she is interested in current perspectives on reality, in experiential quality and causes, and in a wide variety of physical, structural, psychological and philosophical tools.
Furthermore, she is building up the new field of Digital Health in collaboration with Hochschule Düsseldorf, exploring into the possibilities of new augmenting technologies to support personal health, well being and methods to aid self healing. Both Education and Training as well as Imagination and Magic are explored fabrics of these supportive tools.
Last but not least, she is engaged in a consortium of people exploring into the fabrics of future work collaboration and is part of a u.lab hub exploring Theory U concepts.

She loves:
learning about science, as well as about tools and practical applications;
experiencing and conceptualizing the richness and potential of complex systems (among others people);
– digesting, reflecting and presenting the many possible perspectives on our, seemingly, one ‚reality‘;
– empathically inspiring people to develop game-changing new ideas, clear-view-points, and tailored solutions for topics in their work, life, and projects.

If you want to collaborate on one of these topic, please get in touch!

A detailed CV covering Steffi’s past as professor and researcher can be found at: http://imve.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/people/Steffi-Beckhaus and on linked in.  Some of her past projects and results are documented on the website of her group im.ve (interactive media.virtual environments), which existed 2004-2011 @ University of Hamburg. A list of her coaching style and relevant training outside the technical domain is available in german. For current projects see above and on the Activities and Publication page on this site.