Unfolding Your Future – in a smart, loving, connected way

Nothing is more constant than change
(Heraclitus of Ephesus, roughly 535 – c. 475 BCE )

In this understanding, I provide coaching, consulting and training for people and their organisations, who want to – need toare in the process of  change and who want to unfold their future in a smart and, at the same time, loving, and connected way. In my understanding

Change is an agile, iterative, step-by-step, yet fast career, personal, or organizational development process.

Smart is active, intelligent, and with full awareness of all relevant inner and outer stakeholders. It is also providing sufficient time and space for the future to unfold, while keeping the goal clearly in view.

Connected is fostering a loving, open, curious connection to the heart of people and current situations,  feeling, sharing, accepting what is there,  and providing a soft, caring, yet sharp mirror and sounding board for situation and process.

With fine intuition and large technical, management and psychological expertise, I look for potential and solutions from all relevant perspectives. In a smart way, I bring together heart, creativity and expertise for a given „change project“, be it individual or organizational, be it personal or professional related. Every development, every unfolding has it’s own timing and speed. I am happy to help holding, whatever is necessary, reflecting on current situations, and develop new perspectives and a new flow.

An overview of my coaching relevant training and my style is available in german.

This is an activity of Dr.-Ing Steffi Beckhaus, complemented by associated colleagues. If you are interested in working with me, please get in contact.