Unleashing Creativity

Setting the stage for creating „Heureka!“ moments in a more structured way

Scientific history is full of creative thinkers and solution finders. For example, coming up with good scientific questions, discovering new ways of making sense of surprising data, and practically creating a working experimental setup against the odds of availability and functionality of technical equipment is at the core of being creative.

Even though creative thinking is a central part of being human, creative sparks and new ideas, seem to have their own timing. Especially, if we urgently need them, they appear to hide even more.

In this one day workshop, we explore into various possibilities to enter the creative stageĀ and come up with new ideas in a more easy way. This includes methods to set up helpful open, flexible states of mind, as well as techniques to organise, structure, and facilitate the ideation process, both alone and with others. We do this by short introductory reflections and, more importantly, practically engaging into various techniques.