We support your change

Organizational change projects are any projects in the range from people-centered technology and workplace design to classical business consulting issues. Here, we bring in a long history of technology expertise, human-technology interaction, people-centered and participatory design, psychology and even modern Feng Shui.

Personal and career change is anything related to the contiuum from surveying one’s own reality to orienting oneself onto possible futures. Our view is that there is not one truth but many realities. It is important to find and appreciate one’s own uniqueness and potential, identify, where this can be fruitfully utilized, and pave the way towards this future. We do this in a resource oriented way, focussing on resources rather than problems. Here, we bring in all our expertise from systemic coaching and consulting, energetic coaching and coaching people in academia to help the coachee or group to find their own way. Our approach uses systemic and systematic tools, intuition and creativity, always in a close, personal connection to the coachee. We believe that for good coaching, a friendly, accepting and supportive attitude and work environment is mandatory.

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